The Netherlands Fulbright Alumni Association (NFAA) is a society of Dutch people who have worked or studied in the US on the basis of a Fulbright scholarship. The scholarships are named after the American senator J.William Fulbright, who, in 1946, initiated a law promoting exchange programs for students and teachers in order to increase understanding between Europe and the United States. Initially meant as American support to Europe in the framework of the postwar Marshall plan, the financial burden is now shared by several goverments and institutes.

Experiences gained during a longer stay in the US are generally cherished resulting in enduring emotional relations with America. This is therefore the main reason that the alumni organization NFAA was established in November 1991.

The organization enables contacts between Dutch Fulbright alumni and broadly intends to promote ties between the Old and the New World. This is being realized by organizing meetings, lectures and other activities whereby American Fulbright scholars staying in the Netherlands using an NFAA Grant are invited as well. Starting in 2007 a Thanksgiving turkey dinner was organized which was highly appreciated by participating Americans. It is intended to continue this event in the future.

Special activities are being organized for young Fulbrighters by the Young Members Committee.

Finally there are common activities with the Ivy Circle (leage of private universities) and the Harvard Club of the Netherlands.

The annual membership fee for the NFAA is € 20.00.

Welcome at the NFAA

Maarten Lijkwan